The Buff Stuff

You can have the magic of our kitchen mailed to YOURS!


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For years, Madison Garden has been serving up their famous “Buff Stuff.” A unique blend of seasonings and salts that’s been flavoring the best wings in Kentucky, as well as several other dishes, and now you can bring it home! Buff Stuff is a Madison Garden creation and you can only find it at The Garden.


5 Ounce Jar: $6.99+Tax & Shipping

To order Brooklyn Boys’ Buff Stuff we need to know the following information:

Your Name, Email, & Telephone Number, as well as How many bottles you would like to purchase.

You can EMAIL this information to 


Here’s How We Do It:

When we receive your order, we will give you a call and run your credit card information here at the restaurant, just as if you were actually here at Madison Garden. No credit card numbers are stored, sold to third parties, or used in any other way. Remember, we are a small restaurant, so please be patient as we will get to you as fast as possible! We are also closed on Mondays, so keep that in mind when you are ready to place your order.

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