Madison Garden


Madison Garden Bar and Grill,
Est. 1982


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About Us

“Yeah We’re a Bar & Grill, but we can stand up to anyone in this town with our great food and fantastic selection of Bourbons, Single Malt Scotches and over 175 different kinds of Beers.” – Tom Thilman

Some say the Teamsters ran them out of the Big Apple, others say they came all the way down here on their own. Either way, most people are glad they are here. In January 1982, The Dirt Brothers (otherwise known as the Thilmans), doing what they do best (drinking beer & eatin’ good) opened Madison Garden Bar & Grill…

  Hours of Operation
11:00 AM- 1:00 AM
NOON- 9:00 PM

Live Events

NEWLY REMODELED LOFT and PATIO w/BAR, and 11 HDTVs, & 2 more 70 in. TV’s! Brand New Sound system with PLENTY of BASS!


(859) 623-9720

Thanks to all the Crawlers in tonight's Pub Crawl for making MADISON GARDEN their UNOFFICIAL first stop! You...

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